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Welcome to Au.S.F.R.

 We love bikes. We love all kinds of bikes - sports, cruisers, cafe racers, you name it we can find something to like about it!

We set out over a decade ago to bring to you only the highest quality of parts. We are unashamedly elitist and firmly believe that if you want a quick fix of cheap gear you can get that kind of hit from your local discount bike barn.
So pull up a chair, put your feet up and bask in the glory of some of the Worlds best billet bits.
See you in the twisties.

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The science behind clutches

The science behind clutches
"You can just see the engineers pouring over the anorak-type details, piston diameter - versus pushrod travel, pushrod travel - versus clutch action and I have spoken to one of the designers, now it was far from boring..."

The Spencer Evo XR1157R

The Spencer Evo XR1157R
The Spencer Evo XR1157R is a pure muscle bike. It is tense. Taut. Gym-honed to the point it could star alongside Jason Statham. It is, as a friend of mine used to say, very light on its wheels. Like it’s gently bouncing, Bruce Lee-style, on the balls of its feet, ready to roundhouse a lightning-quick kick to crack some unsuspecting goon’s jaw with a collection of titanium metatarsals wrapped in a espadrille.

The 47 Ronin

The 47 Ronin
So if you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you might not have heard about the 47 Ronin project. Conceived as a design exercise by Magpul Industries following the demise of the Buell brand in 2009, Ronin Motor Works was responsible for the original Ronin Concept Motorcycle.