Welcome to Au.S.F.R. Performance 2014

Welcome to the Au.S.F.R. Performance web store! 

Wow - 2015? Really?!?! Where are the years going?! This year marks a very special anniversary for here at Au.S.F.R. - we have been supplying the very best parts for Sports, Fighters, and Race bikes now for 10 years. 

Back when we started out in 2005 we were called 'AuStreetfighter Supermarket'. We worked to a very specific set of beliefs: that bike riders in Australia want and deserve access to high quality, innovative, precision-machined and attractive parts and accessories for their bikes. This philosophy is as true today as it was then, and so we continue to source only the best so that you - the rider - only have to purchase these parts once. Quality lasts.

Take a look around the store via either the product category links on the left, or select your specific model via the 'Search By Model' tab on the right. We're sure you'll find something to lust after.